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Camden Hocker was born & raised in Colorado and has spent time working in a number of different fields including automotive, printing, and title services, but always maintained an affinity for sustainable design. He received a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado, Boulder. During his time there he focused largely on understanding pollinator habitats as a specialization, finding ways to integrate them with urban design and water management solutions. Since then he has also developed a focus in Permaculture based design centered around reuse and restoration. Camden became certified in Permaculture Design in September of 2021 through the Denver Permaculture Guild

Hocker Landscape Design LLC was founded in June of 2020. Since then it has produced designs for private clients across the Front Range. It has also been contracted to work with United Ecology, one of the leading permaculture design groups in Colorado, as well as Colorado Greywater, the leading provider of greywater solutions in the state.

Hocker Landscape Design aims to minimize the environmental impact of the built environment via it's connection to the landscape.  Wherever possible, it seeks to provide solutions that are mutually beneficial to both human and non-human stakeholders. 

"What we do to our landscape, we ultimately do to ourselves"
-The New Landscape Declaration

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