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Design Portfolio

The Portfolio contains proposed projects that extend beyond residential landscape design. It includes collaborative works that address challenges such as urban design, storm-water management, and interpretive education. 

Art Envisioned

Along the Main Street corridor in downtown Longmont, there sits a quaint plaza adjacent to a church. The plaza provides great refuge from the busy street, but often goes unused due to poor seasonal adaptations, and a lack of unity with the rest of the street. This collaborative design offers a solution that uses art and artistic elements to create a cohesive experience throughout the site, that can be used year round. Designed in collaboration with Riley Chustz, McKinley Parks, Logan Phelps, and Miles Shapleigh

Freshet Park

Located in North Boulder, along Violet Avenue there is a linear stretch of open space that contains a portion of Four Mile Canyon Creek. Channelization from encroaching development and intermittent flooding has made the area much less effective at storing floodwaters. This design offers solutions that return the valuable flood storage that was once inherent to the site, and combines it with a mix of human uses including recreation, education and respite. Designed in collaboration with Stephen Cannon, Riley Chustz, McKinley Parks, and Ayushi Patel


The Boulder Historic Society acquired the Cardinal Mill site with the goal of preserving it as a museum site. Unfortunately, structural issues and funding have severely limited what is possible within the mill itself. It was this need that brought forward the solution of an interactive exhibit that can be used in a current museum, kept at the mill for use during the limited tours, or even brought directly to the public with the goal of sparking curiosity. Designed in collaboration with Stephen Cannon, Jozef Gach and Miles Shapleigh

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